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Aetna Health Insurance Reviews

Aetna Health Insurance Reviews

Aetna: With over 150 years of experience in the health insurance industry, Aetna has become one of the most reputable insurance companies in the country. Aetna was founded in 1853 and now insures millions of people each year in the United States. With skyrocketing health care costs, having proper health insurance is a valid concern for many. When choosing health insurance, it is important to get a complete view of each insurance plan. Learning about the benefits of an insurance company can help you decide if that company offers a health plan that is right for you and your family.

Below are reviews of Aetna health insurance. If you have questions about the differences between policies or what Aetna policies are available in your state, you can call toll free 1-877-698-6645 to speak with a health insurance specialist.

About Aetna Health Insurance Reviews

Aetna Health Insurance Company has become one of the top providers of individual and family health insurance. While the plans are designed for everyone, in recent years Aetna has been very attractive to people 50 years of age and older. Many health insurance companies have become more difficult in their underwriting practices, but Aetna has kept an open mind and readily welcomed new members to partake in their PPO coverage. This is most prevalentin three area:

    • Relaxed height to weight charts (BMI)
    • Lower increases on smoking
    • Open to offering coverage for name brand antidepressants and pain medication

Aetna also has accelerated by sticking to the basics. Most health insurance carriers have developed several confusing plans, riders, and added benefits to "enhance" their policy. Aetna has held tight to the traditional PPO health insurance policy. With further review of Aetna policies the shopper will notice Aetna offer three basic plan categories:

    • Aetna PPO Copay Plans - MC Open Access
    • Aetna HSA - Health Savings Accounts
    • Aetna Value Plans - Lower your benefits and Lower your premium!

Aetna has eliminated most HMO offerings, however Pennsylvania still sells HMO coverage for the individual market. And in all states Aetna has a dental benefit that can be added at very reasonable rates. Aetna is currently a publicly traded company and trades under the stock ticker AET. In recent financial reviews of Aetna, A.M. Best Co. affirmed an "A" (Excellent) rating for Aetna insurance.

Aetna Student Coverage Michigan

I currently am a college student and I go to school at Michigan. I used to be on my parents insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mi, but my dad worked for Mazda and got his position cut. My parents told me to go out and find my own health insurance.

My plan has a $500 deductible per a year which is cool, if I ever went to the doctor but I seldom do. Routine physical exams are covered as well as office visits, so it all works like a normal medical policy that I am used to. But here is the problem. My rate on the plan is almost $3000 a year. Honestly, I don't think it's worth it for anyone because it will cost a new student $12,000 to have coverage for 4 years. That is crazy expensive for a young healthy person with almost no income.

The other crazy part is that in the begining of the policy - I only read a little bit of it - it states something about the plan not meeting the federal mandates on coverage. I found this amazing considering it is so exmpensive. Anyway once I got all this stuff in the mail and thought it through I found a site on health insurance for college student. It lead me to an agent and I was able to buy a plan with United Health One for $100 a month. I can't believe I almost paid freak'n $3K for health insurance.

About my Aetna Health Insurance Company

Our health insurance is Aetna Health. We live in Virginia and my husband works for the Department of Transportation.

Right now, our premium is $125 per month. This should go up in October as our children will be added to the program. According to our income and family size, we were eligible for FAMIS in the state. The laws recently changed and so we will need to add the children to the Optima policy.
The state only allows people to enroll during open enrollment times in October. This means that our children will be uninsured for several months as the laws changed in July. Besides this fact, I am mostly pleased with our health insurance company.

We have a $500 deductible per person and a household limit of $1500 per year. This is the plan that we chose, although there are other plans with other deductibles. After you have spent the $500 deductible, you still need to pay 20% of your health care costs. This can be difficult to do as we have a large family and a lot of daily expenses.

I used the insurance when I had my gallbladder out last year. I was happy to find out that most of my doctors would accept the insurance plan. The anesthesiologist's office did not accept Optima and so I had to pay out of network rates. Basically, insurance covered 20% of the bill and I had to pay 80%.

The plan is generous as far a Aetna preventative female exams are concerned. My mammograms are covered fully as are my yearly exams at the gynecologist. That is a good thing.Dental benefits are covered under our plan, but we have just the basic benefits. We are very lucky to have good teeth! Our plan covers regular check ups, fillings, and other routine things.

We did not get the vision insurance simply because the cost of the insurance plan. After running the numbers, we found that the overall cost of the plan was more than a pair of glasses and an exam for each person in the family.

We are very lucky in that our insurance is very easy to use. There are no pre-certifications necessary or other types of paperwork. You simply make an appointment with the doctor that you want to see.

Aetna Health Insurance Review from Virginia

I have a thirteen year old girl, and honest to god every day I wake up I am thankful that I have an incredible insurance policy through my employer that pays for my medical insurance. I live in Virginia and my Aetna plan is an HMO and it doesn’t pay 100% on everything, but when I receive the bill and find out just how much I would have had to pay had I not been insured I realize that there is no way in the world that I could have afforded kind of care without it.

My doctors office visits are covered 100%, with just a $20 co pay. The only time that I have to pay anything else is if I have to go outside the doctors office for special tests or extended medical care, which so far I have not had to do. My daughter did have to get an MRI done on her knee, she's in athletics, and I did have to go to another location to have it done, but only had to pay a fraction of the cost of the procedure. I only had to pay $250 of an almost $1200 bill.

That is when I realized that without my Aetna coverage I simply could not afford the care that she received, and probably would not be able to allow her to participate in sports programs without it, as she is incessantly injuring something in one manner or another. But so far we have been able to get it taken care of with routine office visits and the $20 co-pay that accompanies those visits.

Right now my insurance through Aetna has a $500 deductible per person, and has an 80/20 co-insurance payment for costs related to hospital or charges incurred outside of the doctor's office, but the deductible is capped at just $1000, so should the 3 of us for some unfortunate reason have to use the full amount of the coverage that $1000 deductible would be all I would have to pay for the whole year. This would mean a lot more to a family of 4 or 5 let's say, but a blessing to us none the less.

Need to review your current health insurance policy? Compare health insurance rates and find a lower premium.

As I said before we have been very fortunate to not have had to use the full benefit package, but I attribute a lot of that to the fact that my Aetna primary care is so affordable that things have not been allowed to go untreated leading to unnecessary hospital visits or emergency care that would have been completely preventable. A hospital stay would have an additional 20% of total cost of care, but I still can get into the best hospitals with the best care, and the hospitals are very good at setting up payment plans that allow you to pay for remaining charges that we may not be able to afford otherwise.

Our coverage also carries a dental and vision plan that allows me to get primary care often times for free and/or a very small co-pay, and on extensive treatment for as much as 30 to 60% off of the normal charge, saving us a considerable amount on these services.

So as I say, I wake up every morning, thankful that I have exceptional Aetna health insurance coverage for my family because it gives me peace of mind knowing that my family can count on me to deliver their health care needs.

My Family Health Insurance Review - Aetna

I live in Pennsylvania and am insured under Aetna and am insured under Aetna. I love my family health insurance as it gives me everything I need. My plan is from my husbands company and is a family health plan. It cost us around two hundred a month for my two sons, my husband, and myself. My health insurance is PPO so we don't have to stick with one doctor, which is great. One downfall in my health insurance is the high deductible. The deductible is $1500 per person, or $3000 as a family. Before we reach that deductible, most of the health costs are coming out of our pocket.

A good thing about my health insurance is that there is no co-pay. This is great when the kids get sick. I do not have to worry about having any money when I go to see the doctor. Not having to pay anything up front can be very convenient, especially the way the economy is today. Another great thing about our family health insurance plan is that vision and dental are included. Vision came standard on the plan, while dental was a few extra dollars a month. Both are very well worth it as I wear glasses and have very bad vision, and going to the dentist never hurts.

This past year I have had to use our family health insurance on a regular basis. I was pregnant and needed to go to the doctor every few weeks. Being pregnant and having a good insurance plan is great because it can get a bit costly. After having my son and seeing the medical bills coming in, I am happy that we have insurance. If not, having a child would cost us as much as buying a brand new car. Aetna is a very good company and has not given us any problems over the past two years. In fact, they are on top of things, especially during my pregnancy. They called me to make sure that the pregnancy was going well and even sent free gifts to congratulate me as a mother. It is not very often that you can find a health insurance company that does not cost too much out of pocket, and actually cares about its customers. I highly recommend Aetna, so far it has done my family well.

Aetna QPOS is a decent plan with a few drawbacks

I am covered under a PPO health insurance plan by the Aetna company. I am currently still covered through my former employer. I currently live in Jersey City, New Jersey; although I was living in New York City, New York when I started the plan several years ago. The rates and benefits were not affected by move across state lines in 2010. My plan is an individual plan and I am the person covered. Dental is not covered by this particular plan, neither is vision. I have separate dental insurance, and my vision is currently fine so this has never been an issue. The plan is known QPOS. It involves using a primary care physician.

The plan requires that I visit my primary care physician to get a referral to any other doctor or specialist. I was allowed to choose my own primary care physician through Aetna’s “DocFind” feature on their website. “DocFind” is a truly useful feature, and also very easy to use. Using “DocFind” I was able to quickly find a list of doctors in my area that were on my insurance network. Finding a primary care doctor was quite easy, since there are many general practitioners that are on this plan. I did have to look up reviews of the doctors listed on a separate site before finding one I felt was suitable, but I understand why Aetna can’t publish reviews on doctors on their website. The number of specialists covered by my plan did leave something to be desired. It seems like there should be more specialists, particularly psychiatrists, in the New York City area that are on Aetna.

My premium is $145 a month, which was taken out of my paycheck at $36.25 per week. There is a standard copay of $10 for doctor office visits (primary care and specialist) and generic prescriptions. I never had any major tests done but from my coworkers I heard that even a colonoscopy is a $10 copay, which I think is a major asset for this plan. Hospital emergency room visits are $35, which I think is very reasonable, as is the $10 copay. However, I did not like having to visit my primary care doctor every time I want to see my dermatologist. From what I understand some doctors give referrals over the phone, but my doctor usually insisted that I make an appointment with him first. This can overcomplicate the process greatly.

The main thing I used my insurance for, however, was to cover weekly sessions with my therapist. My plan does cover behavioral health, and I did not need to visit my primary care physician before seeing my therapist. QPOS officially covers 20 therapist sessions a year, but since I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder my plan covers unlimited session. The sessions were always a $10 copay. Even though I’ll be losing coverage on this plan very soon, overall I was satisfied with it and I would certainly be happy to find a similar plan in the future.

Aetna Health Insurance review from Maryland

My current health care provider is Aetna health insurance. I have individual coverage only for myself because I do not have a wife or children. My Mother and brothers and sisters also live in Maryland and asked if I would put them on my insurance but the Aetna said no, and they would have to get their own plan. I really like the insurance company I am with. Aetna directed me to the best doctors in Baltimore and the customer service is always excellent when taking my phone calls and sending me material in the mail. Where I live many jobs do not offer health insurance and the children of these people sometimes do not meet the correct requirement to have insurance either. Most of the ones that do offer it, like Blue Cross provide nothing like Aetna so I am so happy to have a job where I can pay for my own insurance.

My health insurance is classified under PPO. This makes it an easy plan to use because it is NOT an HMO - health maintenance organization. My copays are usually 30 dollars per doctor visit. At times they can reach a max of 40 dollars a visit but I must be having some serious testing or checkup done by a specialist. My monthly premium is only 155 dollars per month and does go up a little every year.

I have used my Aetna insurance card more than once. I can remember when I was having stomach pain on a Monday and I made an appointment to see a doctor on Friday. Well Wednesday morning I could not even get out of bed so I called off of work. Without making an appointment I took a taxi to the doctors and waited in line of about 50 people to explain the pain I was in and I could not wait until Friday to take care of it. A receptionist came around and took my information and insurance card. After she wrote down the information she went to the counter and told the head receptionist I have Aetna PPO health insurance. About 5 minutes later the head nurse called me in and directed me right in to the head doctor without having to wait. I’ve learned the trick of always keeping my Aetna card information in my pocket so if I get sick, and I will have my card with me and I can still a doctor immediately.

Not having insurance would just be completely crazy. I am an accountant and in my local area Aetna is the best health insurance I ever had. Yes my insurance does cover dental and eye insurance which is a big help to my life.

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Aetna Health Insurance Review from Ohio

My family currently receives health insurance through my husband's employer. He is a school teacher in the state of Ohio for a charter school. The insurance is through a company called Aetna and is the MC Open Access heatlh insurance. Aetna actually offers these insurance plans throughout the country. Our plan is called a Managed Choice Open Acess 2500 with Dental. The coverage is for my husband, myself, and our 2 year old daughter.

Our insurance plan covers medical and dental, vision is not covered. It is a PPO plan, and we have NOT found any doctors in our area that are not PPO providers for our network. We have a high deductible plan, $2,500 per individual or $5,000 per family deductible. After our deductible is met, our insurance plan covers 80%. There are several items that are covered without having our deductible met. Any routine preventative care such as well-baby check ups, child immunizations, pap smears, mammograms, and dental checkup/cleanings are covered 100% without meeting our deductible. We had the option of going with a low, mid, or high deductible plan and chose the high deductible at $325 a month because we pay for it completely on our own. The low deductible plan on the other hand, cost $650 per month for our family of three.

Need to review your current health insurance policy? Compare health insurance rates and find a lower premium.

My 2 year old daughter has gotten the most use out of our insurance. We use the insurance for her well-baby visits and for her immunizations. Shortly after she was born, we learned that we needed to know what our insurance coverage is and not rely on the medical billing department at our doctor's office. The doctor actually suggested that we get her immunizations at the health department because they are cheaper. After doing so the first time, I called and talked to my insurance company and learned that they cover 100% of immunizations. So, after informing my doctors office of that, we received all immunizations there and did not have to make a donation to the health department for immunizations. We were also told we needed to pay a $30 copay for the office visit by the receptionist the first time. Again, I discovered that was wrong as long as it was a routine check-up it is 100% covered, no copay. Now, before receiving any medical care I make a call to Aetna MC Open Access member services and find out exactly what is covered.

We try not to use our Ohio health insurance for non-routine visits unless it is an emergency due to the high deductible. For a cold or flu virus we take all measures to get well at home because of the $30 office visit and for any procedures or tests ordered. When I had to have my wisdom teeth removed we were responsible for the entire bill because our deductible was not met. On the other hand, in the even of a major medical expense such as a surgery, in which the expenses are $10,000 or more, our insurance covers everything 100% after we pay out-of-pocket maximum. At that point, our deductible and co-insurance is met for that year and anything else we need medical care for is also covered 100%.

Aetna Health Insurance Review from Illinois

My wife and two children and I live in the state of Illinois. Our current health insurance plan is a Choice POS II Plan that is provided by Aetna. The plan itself is a consumer driven health care plan. This plan is offered to me through my place of employment. The premium that I pay is $62.00 weekly, and is automatically withdrawn from my pay check.

The Aetna Choice POS II Plan is a PPO, and is very convenient for a family. How the plan works is simple, at the beginning of each year the family is allotted a $3,500 deductible. We can go to the doctor as often as we need and we do not pay any co-pays. The fees are automatically withdrawn from that $3,500 deductible. If we were to exceed our deductible within a year the insurance company pays 80% of the cost, which leaves only a 20% out of pocket cost to our family. What is nice is that there is a limit on how much you can pay out of pocket. Once you have paid $3,000 out of pocket, the insurance company will pay 100% for the remainder of the calendar year.

Another great feature of this Aetna health insurance plan is that there are a lot of ways not to use your deductible. One of the easiest ways is to schedule preventative checkups with your doctor. Things that are covered as preventative are simple things like getting your yearly physical, breast exams, and prostate exams. For my family this was a great feature because all of my daughter's post birth checkups did not come out of our deductible. Even this last fall with the H1N1 scare, we were all able to get our flu shots at no cost out of pocket.

The one drawback to this plan is that we are limited to where we can go if we need prescription medications. Since this a consumer driven health care plan, if we fill our prescriptions at a CVS pharmacy we can get our medications at a lower cost. We can go to other pharmacies but the insurance only pays 60% of the cost, as opposed to a $5 co pay at CVS per prescription. The other problem we have is that not all medications are covered under our plan and even if they are it is preferred that we choose a generic form of the medication. If your doctor is an in network doctor they do a good job of knowing what medications are covered under the plan.

Need to review your current health insurance policy? Compare health insurance rates and find a lower premium.

Overall, I am happy with my Aetna health insurance. It is not perfect, but in today's world what is? The health insurance plan has worked quite well for me and my family. I would recommend this health insurance plan to anyone with a growing family who is looking to minimize their medical expenses.


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