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Aetna Health Insurance Reviews

With over 150 years of experience in the medical insurance industry, Aetna is one of the most recognizable names in health insurance. Founded in 1853, Aetna health insurance covers millions of people each year in the United States. With skyrocketing health care costs, having proper health insurance is something many people are concerned about. For this reason, the Aetna Managed Choice Open Access is an affordable option for many individuals and families.

The Aetna MC Open Access Value 2500 is quickly becoming one of the best selling plans in the United States. While the plan varies slightly from state to state, the basic plan benefits are similar. The MC Open Access Value 2500 is a plan designed to provide quality coverage at an excellent premium. Coverage includes prescription drugs, doctor visits, hospitalization, preventive care services, and access to Aetna's wide range of doctors across the country.

In the state of Nevada the MC OA Value 2500 plan offers 2 visits a year at a $30 copay. These visits can be used immediately and are not subject to the deductible, and can be used for either a primary doctor or a specialist. Should you need an additional visit it would be subject to the $2500 deductible and after the deductible you would only pay 30% of the office visit.

For preventive services no copay is required and the deductible is waived, and there is no waiting period on this benefit. Woman will be happy to hear that Aetna covers an annual routine gyn exam with a 0$ copay. There is no waiting period and no calendar year maximum. Both the annual pap and mammogram would be covered.

If generic or name brand drugs are your primary concern, then you'll be happy to know generic drugs are covered with a $15 copay. However, name brand drugs would require a pharmacy deductible of $500 per individual (This deductible does not apply to generic). Preferred brand drugs (Oral Contraceptives Included) would be a $35 copay after deductible. Non-preferred brand drugs (Oral Contraceptives Included) would be a $50 copay after deductible. The calendar year maximum on the MC Open Access Value $2500 is $5,000 per individual per a year.

Some other key benefits that are subject to deductible are: Skilled Nursing — instead of hospital 30 days per calendar year, Physical, Occupational Therapy, and Chiropractic Care 24 visits per calendar year (Aetna will pay a max. of $25 per visit), Home Health Care — instead of hospital 30 visits per calendar year, and for Durable Medical Equipment Aetna will pay up to $2000 per calendar year.

Aetna MC Open Access Value Plans

Aetna has also added the Value Plan option to its porfolio. This option allows the member a limited amount of office visits in exchange for a lower premium. In many states, the Aetna value plan also limits brand name drug coverage. In states such as Pennsylvania, the value plans are selling best to applicants from age 20-49. Often times this age group can get a policy for $80-$150 a month. In Florida the $10,000 deductible option is an excellent seller as well. While many people do not want a $10,000 deductible, the plans immediate access to low copays and 100% preventive coverage, makes it a deal too good to turn down. Many Florida residents can buy this plan for under $100 a month.

Below are reviews of Aetna MC Open Access insurance. If you have questions about the differences between policies or what Aetna MC Open Access policies are available in your state, you can call toll free 1-877-698-6645 to speak with a health insurance specialist.

Aetna MC Open Access Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Aetna MC Open Access Plan have different deductibles?

A: Yes, in some states the MC Open Access Value 1500 are sold, as well as the MC Open Access Value 5000 and MC Open Access Value 7,500. The benefits can very from state to state, so make certain to review the plan with your health insurance agent.

Q: Does the Aetna MC Open Access Plan offer Dental?

A: Yes, In most states Aetna Dental can be added for $15-$20 per a month. At this low rate, the plan will cover two cleanings per a year, x-rays, and exams with no deductible. Other services are subject to the deductible and can vary from state to state.

Aetna MC Open Access Review from Texas

Currently, I work in the state of Texas and I have the Aetna MC 2500 Value plan. This form of Aetna health insurance is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). The Aetna PPO is a type of insurance that allows its holders to receive a discounted rate on service by certain healthcare providers. This Aetna plan allows those who are covered by the insurance to visit doctors under the Aetna network as well as physicians outside the network. However, this type of insurance usually provides less coverage when you visit healthcare providers that are not in your network. But I know from experience, before visiting out-of-network physicians, you should determine what costs will be associated with these visits. In Texas I’ve never had a problem finding Aetna doctors.

As of May in 2010, the Aetna plan currently charges me $166 dollars a month for individual coverage. The insurance company gets its premiums from automatic deductions of my checking account. Aetna also provides coverage for employees and their spouses as well as dependent children. Aetna is how my ex-husband and child are covered too. We found this option to be the best coverage for the whole family at the best rate. If I were on the employer plan there would be an additional charge of $290 a month. You can determine your family member’s eligibility by discussing their status with a customer service representative from Aetna healthcare. The individual plan offers a $200 preventive health reimbursement account, which is used to offset the cost of preventive doctor visits. The plan funds this account annually. After the $200 is exhausted, I have to pay for any other health care services until I reach my annual deductible of $2500, and each office visit is a $30 copay. After I have met my deductible, the plan covers eighty percent of the covered healthcare expenses. The remaining twenty percent is my responsibility. While I am responsible for twenty percent of the costs, I could eventually reach my out-of-pocket maximum for the year. For my current plan my annual maximum equals $5000. Once I reach my out-of-pocket maximum, the insurance plan would cover the remaining balance at one hundred percent.

Last month, I used my Aetna MC Open Access health insurance when I visited my primary care doctor. My doctor in Houston, Texas submitted a charge to Aetna for $115 dollars that was later approved for the previously agreed upon discounted rate of $75. The plan deducted the charge from my $200 health reimbursement fund so I did not have any out-of-pocket cost associated with this visit. The health fund covers services such as primary care visits, x-rays, and imaging services. There is also an option for dental or vision coverage under the extended Aetna plan. Vision and dental coverage have additional charges of I think $16 a month.

The key to using your Aetna insurance plan successfully is to read your policy thoroughly. If you have any questions or concerns regarding what your plan does or does not cover, you should contact a customer service representative from your insurance company. The Aetna plan offers a toll-free phone number that customers can call to have their questions answered. Write down your list of questions or concerns so that you can check them off as you speak to the representative. I also log in online to the Aetna website to investigate my coverage details and amount of money I‘ve paid in toward my deductible.

Aetna MC Open Access Review from from Illinois

As a condition of employment with the a hair salon where I work in Chicago, Illinois, one must choose a health insurance plan for themselves. Illinois has a few carriers to choose from, Blue Cross/Shield, Aetna, Humana, and United Healthcare. I chose the Aetna plan, because it is the plan I grew up with as a child and it has a good reputation for being a reliable health insurance plan.

I have been an Aetna health plan member for the entire twenty years of my having health insurance. When I married in 1992, I was still on Aetna group insurance and added my husband to the plan. In 1994 when I became pregnant with our son, Aetna took excellent prenatal care of myself and our unborn child and it hardly cost anything at all for the doctor visits and delivery. Now I have individual Aetna policy, The MC Open Access 2500, so it does not cover maternity but I am done having kids anyways. Originally, twenty years ago, co-payments and prescriptions were just $10.00 each. But, like everything else, inflation causes prices to go up. The co-payments for doctor visits are now $30 and prescriptions are $15.00, still cheaper, in comparison to not having any health insurance at all!

The staff that works at Aetna is very professional, and caring. When I call the Aetna customer service number, I always get ahold of a person that truly seems to care about whatever issue is ailing myself or family member and they try their best to get us the best information on how much a procedure would cost. The doctors, Physician Assistant's, Nurses, Certified Nurses Assistant's, and Medical Assistants at our medical clinic all seem to like Aetna as well, as they’ve taken the insurance for as long as I know.

My mother was recently hospitalized last year, (she is a Aetna health plan member as well, due to her former county government employment before retirement) and they took such excellent care of her. I never had to worry the whole time she was in the hospital, I could call down to the nurses on duty and they would let me know how she was doing and let me talk to her any time I felt the need.

The only small complaint I might have is the cost. It costs us (my husband and I) $662 a month this medical coverage; however, because I have been an worker at the salon for so long they pay 25% of my cost, so my actual amount of premium is a little less. I tried shopping for other insurance but it all seemed about the same rate and I like our current coverage and $1500 deduct.

Included in the health plan, Aetna has a very good preventive care plan as well. It costs just $30 to get your physical and OBGYN exam. I highly recommend the Aetna Health plan to anyone that is in the market for health insurance.

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