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Alabama Humana One Health Insurance Review

In today's economy you hear a lot of pros and cons of health insurance coverage. Some of the more common issues discussed range from the expense of coverage to frustration over what health insurance won't cover. We have all been there and realize one of the most important benefits to have in today's world is health insurance coverage. The confusion comes in choosing what company, what type of coverage and what sort of plan you need to have to better serve your needs. I'm hoping that by sharing my experiences with you that you will be able to make a more informed decision in your choice.

Living in Alabama I chose a PPO through Humana One health insurance. As with everyone searching for health insurance coverage, I had to decide what types of coverage would be most beneficial, as I was carrying health insurance for my entire family. Taking into consideration varying aspects of our health situation played a major part. For example; my husband requires special attention for his eyes due to a pre-existing condition from a childhood disease which effected his eyes, I also require glasses. For this reason choosing Vision coverage was important for our family. Dental coverage was also a high priority due to prior dental damage that requires regular maintenance.

I know that when I first saw the premium cost of $392.00 based on a monthly pay schedule, I suffered a case of "sticker" shock. However, when I began tabulating our average monthly expenses based on our health, vision and dental issues, this cost was saving me money overall. This was a very important factor in my decision to sign up for this health insurance coverage.

Another consideration in my choice of health insurance coverage was the co-pays involved. Our doctor's visits are only $35.00 with a prescription co-pay of no more than $35.00 for name brand prescriptions. Given the amount of maintenance medications required by both my husband and I, these co-pays are very economical for our budget.

The emergency co-pays were also very reasonable. I made 3 Emergency room visits, one of which required x-rays. The highest bill I received was for $250.00. This expense was a lot easier to bear then a bill for hundreds of dollars, which is what it would have cost without this coverage.

The customer service my family received was excellent. I was referred by my gynecologist for a procedure to remove excess facial hair caused by a medical condition. I was warned that my health insurance coverage might not cover the expense as many insurance companies saw this procedure as being cosmetic, even though in my case it was caused by a medical condition. My doctor submitted the request and within one week my appointment was scheduled and my Humana One insurance provider covered 80% or the expense, since this was considered an out patient procedure that was the guidelines given on coverage.

The dental coverage was also a very cost effective decision. My husband was involved in an accident at work, but without coverage through his job it was not covered through his employer. We had to find him a dentist immediately, our dental coverage picked up 100% of the cost for his treatment, as well as the cost of the follow up treatments. All of this would have been impossible for us to afford without our coverage.

Our Vision coverage was also something we were wise in acquiring. As I previously stated my husband suffers from an issue with his eyes due to damage from a childhood disease, on occasion my husband will suffer from an infection in his eyes which cause them to swell shut until he is treated and receives the antibiotics and eye drops required to clear up the condition. The drops themselves cost $75.00 and there is no generic available for them, yet with our coverage we paid only $35.00.

There is only one drawback that I have found with the coverage and that is the $200.00 limit allowed for each family member on the preventive portion in regards to physicals. But most preventive is covered 100% so only some years do we pay extra charges on physicals. Other than that small drawback I have found the Humana coverage to be a huge benefit.

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