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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado Review

My family has been with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of CO for nearly 20 years. During the last 5 years we've had the Anthem Lumenos HSA plan with a $3000 deductible. We have used the medical insurance for bringing two newborns into this world, a major surgery, the care of our second child, as well as routine office visits, x-rays, and so forth. There has never been one time that any of us have regretted being with this company, thinking about going with another company, or been discouraged with any of their coverage or services.

Anthem Blue Cross offers fair and reasonable co-pays. For example, any of the four family members in our household can see the doctor for a small fee. If we need lab work we do not pay any co-pay. You can imagine the amount of money that saved us while my wife was pregnant. It seemed she was having one x-ray after another. Our prescription drugs generally cost $4 per bottle from Costco. We do not use any generic brands. I imagine they might be even less expensive. The other great feature Anthem Blue Cross offers is eye care. I recently had an eye examination. I did not pay anything for this service. I have not yet received my new glasses, as I just ordered them, but it is my understanding that there will not be a charge as long as I stay in the Anthem Blue Cross guidelines.

When my wife gave birth to our second child we paid a minimal amount of total costs. It was really unbelievable and I strongly doubt any other insurance company can match this. She had all of the frequent examinations, lab work, and everything else associated with being pregnant. Fortunately, she did not have any difficulties during the birth. She received excellent care throughout the first date of receiving news she was pregnant to the day she arrived home with our beautiful baby daughter. The doctor did feel she was a little stressed and tired. He offered to have her stay for an additional day at the hospital, which would not have cost us any additional expense, but she was eager to take our newborn home.

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The follow up with our new baby has all been included and my wife seldom pays for anything, other than the doctor co-pay, when she has the baby check ups. We did take our baby to emergency on one occasion. This was due to a concern we had when she suddenly broke out in red marks on her body. It was after business hours and we did not want to risk waiting until the next morning. It turned out that our baby was allergic to a new formula my wife was feeding her. There was a small emergency room fee, other than that there were not any other charges. The one charge we paid was worth every penny to have the peace of mind we felt once receiving the diagnosis.

We have also received excellent care with our son. Being a boy we have had him in the emergency unit as well as the doctor's office on more than one occasion. The most recent, and most severe, was when he broke his elbow. Although this accident happened on private property, and the owner's insurance ended up paying all charges, Anthem Blue Cross first absorbed all of the costs and we did not pay any out of pocket expense. Our son was in the hospital for four days. The first day he was scheduled for the operation by the specialist. This went perfectly smooth. When he came back to his room, aside from being somewhat groggy, he was in A-1 condition. Although he did not want to stay in the hospital (who does) the doctor felt this was in his best interest due to his age and the possibility of a re-injure since he is a very active boy. If I am offered my choice of insurance companies - despite the cost or any other factor - there is no second thought - Anthem Blue Cross Colorado is the top-notch provider for HSA plans.

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