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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Review from Ohio

Our family has the Anthem SmartSense Blue Cross Blue Shield Family Health Insurance Policy and this is our review of this policy. We live in the state of Ohio, and this policy coverage is for my wife and myself and it is administered through my wife's place of business. This plan is a PPO based plan through Anthem Blue Cross/ Blue Shield. My wife pays the insurance premiums through weekly deductions from our checking. It totals $293 and some change per month. The premium breaks down to under $50 a week. All in all, my wife and I feel that this insurance policy is a very good value for the money. Our co-payments are thirty dollars for a regular physician's visit and the same for a specialist. I have a special condition that requires my having to see specialists for my health care, so I utilize the co-pay often, while my wife usually just uses one visit per a year.

We also are aware that we have an 70/30 split on hospital coverage, meaning that our insurance will cover 70% of any qualified hospital visit and we are responsible for the 30% that is not covered by the insurance. This also applied to the use of an ambulance where the insurance covered 70% of the total bill and we were responsible for the other 30%. We also have Dental Coverage through this SmartSense plan, which I am using (in addition to my personal dental insurance through my place of business) to have dental work done. I just got done having some work done and with the insurance coverage the total came to under $100 dollars for this visit, which included X-Rays, crown, and a dental cleaning.

Since I am the person who most takes advantage of the insurance I will give you a recent example of when I have had an appointment with my Rheumatologist. My Rheumy is associated with a local medical organization and I usually go to this place for my visits. It is a pretty painless process, as they usually just ask about any updated information and any changes in the medications that I presently use. My total cost for the visit is as I stated earlier is just $30 dollars and I already know that the totals just for the visit is better than $300 dollars. My lab work was also covered by the 70/30% cost coverage, as I just received a bill from a company for the balance of a $400 dollar plus bill, which cost $75 out of my pocket for the remainder of the bill.

If there is ever an issue with your insurance coverage, you can always make a phone call to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Ohio and speak with their customer service staff, and I have had to do this several times over the past two years and always found them to be knowledgeable and helpful. I should also tell you that you can always find more information about your policy through an agent, as they usually understand plans better than anyone.

All in all, we both feel that our insurance coverage through Anthem OH is a nice value for the dollar.

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