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Anthem Blue Cross California Review

I believe having health insurance is very important to every family even if it is not the best. My family currently has Anthem Blue Cross of California SmartSense 1500 and Share 3500 (for myself for maternity). My husband is employed and this how we have our insurance we currently pay $45.00 dollars every two weeks automatically out of each paycheck. After reviewing my plan, I don't believe this is a bad rate. So far we have one complaints which is the high deductible we have to meet for each one of us. My deductible is $3500 and the coinsurance is 20%, sometimes this is hard to do cause we rarely go the doctor so its like not really having any insurance to help out unless it is very serious situation such as maybe a surgery.

Currently, it is me and my husband and our one child that is on the insurance. It is a PPO plan which I am glad for because our doctor is listed on that plan so we only have to pay $40 dollars at the visit. I would say they were great when I gave birth to our son. He was born early and had several complications and was sent home on a apnea monitor. The insurance approved the monitor and paid for all of it as well as the parts needed for the equipment the whole 4 months he was on it. They also helped me drastically at this time, I suffered from postpartum and they gave me assistants in dealing with this as well as paying for my medications. They even sent a nurse into our home to help me with our son while I was suffering from this problem. I believe all the help they offered is what helped me overcome my problem, because I was able to call the nurse when I needed help and she would help me in any way.

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Another thing I love about our medical insurance is it provides us with a free eye exam once a year, which is excellent for me because I have terible eye sight. They even pay so much on my contacts and glasses. We also have dental insurance which is pretty good as well they pay for one cleaning a year. They also paid very well on my braces that I had to have on for several years. One thing I do like about this insurance is the prescription coverage where our deductible on it is $500 dollars with a copay. We do take several medications me and my husband both so this really helps with our prescription cost. So all in all I do appreciate our Anthem Blue Cross of CA insurance even though I may not like our deductible. I live in San Francisco and many of our friends have Kaiser, but we hate HMO's so we like having so many options to see just about any doctor in California. As I previously stated, in this rough economic time, especially in CA, I believe everyone should consider them self lucky to even have any health insurance!

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