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Anthem California Health Insurance Review

At the beginning on my pregnancy, with fraternal twins, my husband was able to get us on with Anthem Blue Cross. We are part of a PPO Plan and live in California. Ever since the conception and delivery of our twins, we have been blessed to be insured with this company. My twins were born seven weeks early and were in the NICU for two weeks. So, they each had their own incubator, oxygen and on a heart monitor. I can only imagine how much Anthem had to pay to keep them alive. My twins were so tiny, under 4 lbs each. If it were not for Anthem and their insurance coverage, I really do not know what the outcome would have been. Anthem Blue Cross allowed me to stay in the hospital with my twins for one week and then I was sent home. This all happened in November 2005 and today my twins are normal, little children, laughing, playing and doing what toddlers do.

My husband is self employed so we do not get insurance through his work. Our plan is under a family plan and we pay an out of pocket premium of almost $700 monthly. It seems we are always getting something new in the mail from Anthem regarding an increase in monthly fees, prescriptions and co pays. My family consists of four and we are all on this insurance plan. Since March 2006, I use it more than my husband or twins do. In March 2006, when my twins were five months old, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and have been injecting myself with this amino acid every night since then. I am blessed to still be insured with Anthem and hope it continues into the coming years with this new National Healthcare Plan.

When it comes to medicines, I take one for epilepsy and one for MS, and the costs keep rising. That is one thing that scares me. Anthem does all they can to provide some financial help to me and my family. Sadly, it looks like the cost of brand name medicines will keep increasing if the pharmaceuticals have their way. Back in 2005, our copay was only $20 per office visit, now it is $40 per office visit. These increases make my family stay away from the doctor's office and stay healthier. Since the winter, we have begun eating more vegetables and now in the spring, more fruits and vegetables. Ever since being diagnosed with M.S., I tend to eat healthier anyway. If I do go see my doctor, G.P. or Neurologist, or my twins see their doctor, it is only for our annual check-ups or to get a prescription refill. My twins will get sniffles and coughs, in winter only, and are never sick any other time of the year. Even though they were born premature, they do not look or act it today.

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Recently though, I was sent in an ambulance to my local community hospital because I had a loss of consciousness, or seizure. I was out getting my favorite cup of coffee and some cookies, when all of sudden, I found myself on a gurney, in a hospital. Having seizures is a symptom of epilepsy which I have to control too. The last time I had a seizure, I was 11 years old. Seizures do not run in my family either, but all of a sudden, they have come back with these symptoms. So, having a seizure is what caused me to end up in my local hospital and I only paid $100 for the hospital, but I am still waiting to get a bill from the doctor.

This Anthem health insurance is really a blessing, but with what we can afford each month, we do not have vision or dental. This is sad because we now pay out of pocket for my vision and our family's dental visits. I am the only one who wears corrective lenses in the family. I pray my twins will not require corrective lenses in the future.

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