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Assurant Health Insurance Reviews

Assurant Health Insurance Reviews

Assurant Health was founded all the way back in 1892. With over 100+ year of insurance experience and offering many individual and small business health plans, Assurant is a solid company with a great reputation in the health insurance industry. Assurant prides itself on providing members with access to over half a million health care professionals.

Time Insurance Company is a name often associated with Assurant. In many state Time Insurance Company is the underwriter for the policies.

If you have any questions about Assurant Health as to the differences between policies or what policies are available in your state, you can call toll free 1-877-698-6645 to speak with a health insurance specialist who can answer any questions you may have about Assurant health insurance plans.


Assurant Health Access Review

Health Access is a relatively new plan offering by Assurant. The key plan feature is the immediate access to insurance carrier rates and instant funds available for medications, office visits, ER, urgent care, hospital, and surgery expenses. While the plan has NO deductible, which is good, the plan also has limited coverage amounts. For example some plan offerings cover $1000 a day for hospital while other plans cover $2,000 a day. Beyond this, the plan is getting subscribers the extremely reduced rates, so the plan does provide nice incentives for the plan premium and the easy application.

Assurant Healt Access is most popular for those who have been declined major medical health coverage and are looking to get some kind of plan in place. With the progression of Health Care Reform, other insurance plans have become very expensive and difficult to get. Health Access allows applicants to avoid underwriting or spending their money on high deductibles. Many people whould assume have Assurant Health Access and have NO deductible rather than purchase a 5,000 or 10,000 deductible plan.

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Assurant Colorado Health Insurance Review

With all the discussion of health insurance reform many people are wondering how good their insurance really is or if they need health insurance at all. If you have children and live in the Colorado Rockies, you know that health insurance is a necessity. My family is covered under an Assurant Colorado plan called CoreMed that we pay for on our own. Despite what many people think, health insurance coverage for even young families is not cheap. This is the lowest priced Assurant plan available that has copays and a $3500 deductible and we pay almost $300 per month. Overall this plan provides excellent coverage for my children.

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Assurant CLARITY Health Insurance Plan Review

CLARITY is the new health insurance plan by Assurant Health. This is a first response to healthcare reform and is a plan with great benefits including ZERO in-network deductible. That’s right, NO deductible on in-network services.

The Zero Deductible also features:

  • Instant Co-insurance split. Assurant Clarity will share the costs. They pay 50% and you pay 50% until out-of-pocket maximum is reached and then Assurant pays 100% of covered charges.
  • Prescription Drugs. Member has a $500 deductible (Family $1000) for both generic and brand name medications. Once deductible is reached Assurant pays 50% of the remaining costs.
  • Super first dollar wellness coverage. Once a member has been enrolled for six months, $1,000 of wellness services are covered per person! You just pay the coinsurance.

Also, Clarity has innovative features including:

  • No payments to at time of service when visiting network doctors and hospitals! That’s right. You pay later! Assurant pays the doctor for your share of the covered charges and then bills you for your portion. As long as you stay in-network you’ll never have to pay the doctor directly!
  • New 24-hour phone access to doctors. You only pay $35 per call with TelaDoc. This is a great feature. Let’s say you are traveling and forgot your blood pressure medication. Call TelaDoc and you can speak to a doctor immediately, anytime, any day.
Assurant Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Assurant Clarity a best seller?

A: Hands down, this is a best seller in Colorado. Many other carriers have $2500 deductible plans that are the same price as a ZERO deductible Clarity plan.

Q: What about Dental Insurance?

A: Dental insurance can be added as an additional benefit. Assurant also offers SuiteSolutions and SecureSolutions, added benefits that can make extra money available for accidents, injuries, and critical illnesses. In most states Aetna Dental can be added for $15-$20 per a month. At this low rate, the plan will cover two cleanings per a year, x-rays, and exams with no deductible. Other services are subject to the deductible and can vary from state to state.


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