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Blue Cross Blue Shield Colorado: Anthem Healthcare Review

Just last year, my husband and I were married at 18. Starting out as an 18 year old wife, I had no idea what to expect when it came to health care except that neither of us received it as a benefit through work and so I was SOL. After doing some research on private health insurance, as that was the only option we had, I finally settled on Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, which was the Colorado branch of the health care my parents had always had. There were only two people on the policy: my husband and I, both of us 18 at the time.

We had no outstanding medical conditions except I have asthma, which raised our monthly rate by $20. We opted out of the vision plan as neither of us have a history of eye problems, but the dental was a must-have. Our policy cost us $286 per month with a $500 deductible, 20% coinsurance, and a $35 copay for three doctor visits. The plan as also a PPO with reduced rates offered for doctors in the network.

Overall, I was very happy with this plan. Starting out, we were on a budget and so we needed something affordable and most plans I looked at were either expensive or the benefits weren't worth it. The plan is best suited for those who don't go to the doctor very often, as the office visits are limited to three and the coinsurance 20%, fairly low.

The one big drawback for this Anthem insurance is the dental coverage doesn't always cover like it should. My dentist said it's often a problem with Anthem. I went in to have fillings done and I needed about 6 fillings. However, there were three fillings that the insurance didn't cover any part and they were three of the most expensive fillings. The dentist wasn't sure why the insurance wouldn't cover them as it should have at least covered its percentage. In the end, the fillings would have cost $750 and the insurance was only paying $400 of that when the 20% coinsurance should have covered more than that.

The really nice thing was that Anthem was accepted just about everywhere I went. I live in a very small town of Rifle and my big concern was whether the doctors I would visit were in the network or not as I wanted to receive that discount, regardless of how small it was. However, I was happy to find that even though my town was small, the doctor and dentist I went to were all covered.

I would highly recommend this plan to young families that are just getting started, but not so much for couples who regularly go to the doctor or those with children.

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