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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia Review

In these days where you have to pick and choose which bills to pay there are things you think may be a luxury that you can let go, in order to survive. Health insurance is not a luxury, it is a necessity to our family. We are so fortunate to be offered health insurance through my husbands employer, which is 100% paid for by the company. If we were to pay for it, it would cost us right at $1000 a month for a family of three.

We recently were switched to an HMO with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia a few months ago. We went a little while before we had to use it, then our son who is 17 had some kidney stones. He was taken to the local emergency room where we paid our $150 co-pay. That Monday, we went to a nephrologist in Atlanta, where the co-pay was $35, and was told he needed surgery. The next day we paid our $1000 deductible for him and the stones were lasered and a stint put in. We went back 17 days later for the stint removal and retrieving more stones. That visit we paid a 20% co-pay.

We have been very pleased with Blue Cross Blue Shield of GA insurance. If we would not have had insurance, we would have had to pay everything up front, which would have been very expensive. Most of the doctors offices, clinics and hospitals right here in our town are on our insurance network, which is really convenient. We do have to travel out of town to see a specialist, which is not bad, it is only an hours drive.

Last weekend, my husband woke up sick on a Sunday morning. We thought he may have the flu, and was fixing to bring him to the local emergency room, which would have cost us $150. I flipped through our BCBS GA provider book and found a 7 day a week clinic about 30 minutes from our house. We filled out his new patient paperwork and paid our regular $35 co-pay. Within 10 minutes, he was called back, and after the exam, he was told he had bronchitis and a sinus infection. He was given some shots, sample medicine and they also called in some prescriptions. All of that for $35! Yes, we had to drive a little ways, but we were not out the $150 we would have been at the emergency room 10 minutes from our home.

I am very thankful for our health insurance, and even more thankful that my husbands employer pays every employees premium. Every year, we think we will be responsible for some of the premiums because of the increases, but it has been 6 years that they have been paying it. Having health insurance gives us a peace of mind knowing that if we do get sick, we can afford to go to the doctor and be taken care of. You may look at the premium amount and think that there is no way that you can afford it. You cannot afford to be without health insurance!

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