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Blue Cross and Blue Shield NC Health Insurance Review

Health insurance is important to any family member because the cost of medical care is very expensive. I work for a nursing and rehabilitation center Wilmington North Carolina. This company has several employees so they offer a compensation of partial payment of the policy. The company that carries my policy is Blue Cross and Blue Shield. I chose to cover my two daughters and myself. It is a good policy except it is still costly. This policy cost me 400 per month with the company paying the other 400 each month. I have great coverage on initial doctor visits and prescriptions. A regular doctor visit will cost me $25 and prescriptions cost $10-45 dollars. The prescription cost depends on if it is generic or not.

My insurance policy covered my last surgery with only a small co-payment from me. The surgery cost me $40,000 and I only had to pay a $2000 co-payment. I worked out payments with the hospital so that I did not have to come up with the money all at one time. I have used the policy numerous times to go to doctors’ visits and to hospital. I have seen specialists and the insurance pays well when I need blood work or any other tests ran. As a diabetic, I have several medications and machinery needs that my insurance does cover. In the end, this will save me thousands.

The policy I have will pay my daughters to get their eyes checked one time a year. It does not pay for the glasses or contacts so I have to pay for this out of pocket. As far as dental, the policy did not cover this so I added a dental policy from another company to my payroll deductions. This policy cost me an additional $27 per month. It covers me and my two girls for two cleanings a year and it pays half of the expense of fillings or other dental work. I take my girls in two times a year for their check up and cleaning.

When I initially began searching for health insurance, I looked at individual policies before settling on the policy that my company offers. A sales representative came out to our office and explained the options for policy A and policy B. Policy B was less expensive but did not cover as much of the cost as policy A did. I chose the policy that was a bit more expensive but it covers much more in the end. When searching for policies, I had to think about what I would need coverage for and evaluate the cost I would be responsible for in the end. I do not like paying this much for a policy every month but when I broke it down into monthly premiums versus payments to doctors and prescriptions, I actually have come out on top with my PPO policy from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. Check online, they do have policies that are cheaper.

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