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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia Health Insurance Review

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance of Virginia is one of the most prevalent insurance policies to have in the region in which we live. The premiums are reasonable through my employer and this plan covers my entire family of 5. Since this policy is a PPO plan there is the freedom to select those doctors that my family has always frequented at a slightly higher co-pay then we must pay when we visit those doctors that are within the PPO.

A visit to a doctor within the plan consistently costs me a $15 co-pay at the time that services are rendered. A visit to a doctor that is not considered part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan that I am in however, costs me 25% of services rendered which can add up especially if there are tests and blood work that need to be completed on that visit as well. Fortunately, I do always have the option to use an in plan provider and so the only time I really wind up paying more than $15 per visit for a trip to the doctor is when I feel I must see a provider that is not included in the plan.

Fortunately, my PPO does not require me to pay a deductible when I visit a provider that is on the approved list but it does require me to meet a $200 family deductible when using providers that are not pre-approved by the plan. This plan also covers me for vision as well but only when under an Ophthalmologists care. Optometrists are not covered under my health plan. Essentially this is because an Ophthalmologist cares for eye health while and Optometrist is strictly about vision only.

After dealing with Blue Cross for several years, I have learned a few ins and outs of using my plan. First, I always check with my insurance company to find out exactly what they will and won't cover prior to visiting the doctor. This helps me to avoid surprise charges that I am not ready to pay. Secondly, I always consult with my insurance company when there is a provider I am considering seeing to find out what doctors they recommend seeing to a particular health issue. After all, you can really save yourself quite a bit of money if you consult with your health insurance company prior to seeing the doctor so you know exactly how much you will need to pay for diagnosis and treatment of the problem at hand.

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