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BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona Review

I realize having health insurance is one of the most important things that a person can have. Health insurance provides me protection and the ability to cover medical expenses. Without health insurance I would be liable for all my medical expenses and I could go bankrupt. So it has always been very important that I have health insurance at all times. My Blue Cross Blue Shield Arizona health insurance usually covers a certain percentage of my medical expenses but it can sometimes cover all your medical expenses depending if I met my deductible or not. There are many companies that I have had health insurance with. These carriers include Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Cigna, Cobra, UnitedHealthOne and Aetna just to name a few. They all offer comprehensive coverage but their prices did vary. My current premium is $185 per month. In Arizona, health insurance prices go up every couple years so it's best to shop around for the best quote (I used to be with Cigna).

For my health insurance coverage I am the only person on my current policy since I don't currently have a family. It makes it easy for me to shop for coverage, since I only worry about what coverage I need. For example I used to pay for maternity coverage but now I no longer pay for it, because I don't need it. The insurance company I'm with right now is Blue Cross Blue Shield and I currently live in Arizona. This insurance company is available only in AZ but in most other states I can use the Blue Network. As said earlier there are numerous other BCBS companies that you can receive coverage from. My insurance policy is currently a PPO and my co pays are about 20% of all medical costs incurred. Currently my monthly premium is only $221 per month for my health insurance policy. Since I'm in good health I am able to get a fairly low and affordable rate.

Although I don't have any major health conditions and rarely go to a doctor, I have used my health insurance every once in a while. I used my insurance when I had to go to the doctor in Phoenix for a checkup and to discuss some health allergy concerns that I have. I've also used it a few times when I was injured, like when I broke my ankle. During my lifetime I have learned how to successfully handle medical claims. Whenever I have a larger medical claim. I always call the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona claims department when I get the bill from my insurance. Sometimes I'll find procedures that the doctor has billed for that I did not have done, or find procedures listed that didn't seem relevant. Crazy as it sounds, you need to view your claim and usually one quick call to claims will make sure all the correct procedure codes are being included.

When getting health insurance I usually go through an independent agent. The reason for this approach is because I get more personalized service and assistance. Once I went though ehealthinsurance and it offered no customer support. Now I'm not very comfortable ordering a policy on my own over the phone or online, so I prefer to get my policy through independent health insurance agent since they can also provide me with detailed information about what I'm getting from my policy.

My current policy does not include dental and vision coverage, so I have a separate policy for that insurance.

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