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Cigna Health Insurance Review from Georgia

I am part of a family of four and we have our insurance through a broker. Our health insurance is done through Cigna. Our dental insurance is through United Health and our vision insurance is through Cigna. We are very fortunate; our policy does not require a separate prescription policy or card. We are also able to participate in a Healthcare Savings Account [HSA] and this is so beneficial when it comes to paying our medical, dental and vision needs. We can have our claims paid directly from our HSA and use our no-fee debit card at any pharmacy. We are able to see most doctor's in our area and we have never been turned away from any treatment that any of us have needed. Another wonderful aspect of our policy is that we do not have to get a referral for any specialists. We can see our primary care physician, take his advice and make our appointments. We live in Southeast Georgia in a smaller town, so we are able to be seen by any doctor the day we call. We have not had to wait for any insurance reasons to be seen.

Our policy consists of the traditional 80/20 split with a yearly family deductible. Our deductible may seem high at 2500.00 per year, but that can be met with one trip to the emergency room. Having two children ages 11 and 9 who are active this policy is the perfect fit for us. We do not have to pay any costs at the time of a doctor visit; the doctor's office will file our claim and if there is not enough money in our HSA to pay our portion then we are billed the difference. This makes things so much better when there is an emergency and the last thing we want to have to worry about is settling the bill right then. Our son jammed his finger badly last year and we thought he had broken it. He was screaming and holding his hand, this is the first time he had ever really hurt himself. As a mom I was panicked for him. We were able to go to an Immediate Care Center Georgia with no long wait, have the x-ray right there and the splint put on him all within one hour of the incident. We did not have to pay anything that day. By the time the Clinic filed our claim and our HSA paid the bill two paychecks had come in. That emergency was all about our son and doing what we needed to be able to do. We did not have to worry about the financial side. Our premiums are 396.00 a month. Is family insurance worth the cost - we believe ABSOLUTELY. For the piece of mind we have in knowing that we can get any help we need for ourselves or our children is priceless.

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