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Cigna Open Access Health Insurance Review - California

While living in the tech area of California, I purchased the Cigna Open Access health insurance. Every individual has their own medical and health insurance needs, and this was the only carrier to take me on. The University I work at offers up to four possible health care options for its employees. The options are listed as follows: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and a special university only option, the only true PPO option is Cigna. All of these health insurance options offer diverse plans with relatively low premiums, but Cigna has the largest national network and I also needed that for traveling.

The premiums for the individual are sixty-seven dollars and as more individuals are added on to the coverage, the more the price increases up until the 396 dollars per month maximum for a full family. The Cigna Select insurance is not an HMO, so I don’t need a referral. The PPO ranges a bit higher in price, but offers more flexibility. If you are not going to be traveling very much, then choosing the HMO may be the cheaper and best option. The co-pays for Cigna can vary much depending on the procedure. Generally the co-pays will average somewhere in the range between 30 - $50 for a specialist.

Another benefit of the Cigna health insurance option is that there is no annual deductible and there is no co-insurance maximum on al l preventive work. Therefore, you can begin using the benefits of your plan as soon as possible with possibly paying nothing.

Cigna offers partial to full coverage for different procedures including a hearing exam. Cigna has its own unique health coverage for vision and dental procedures. Other particular procedures that the health care insurance can cover are nutrition, speech therapy, ambulance, urgent care, and much more. Generally my coverage was used for health care check-ups and nutrition consultation, but in the past I did have an appendectomy and that would had cost me $30,000 plus without my coverage. Overall I have benefited from having a policy.

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