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Cinergy Health & Life Insurance Agency is a limited medical policy offered to active members of the National Congress of Employers. The plan specialized is daily hospital benefits and indemnity benefits for surgery and Anesthesia. While Cinergy is not a major medical policy, it does have a clear limited benefit schedule and limited underwriting requirements. Cinergy is not an insurance carrier, but rather an insurance agency offering limited medical coverage.

Many of their plans also include supplemental benefits such as accident coverage, accidental death, and accidental dismemberment benefits. The Cinergy plans are not designed to cover catastrophic claims and is not intended to replace major medical insurance. It is simply a limited medical policy. These policies are scaled down versions of “normal” major medical insurance. Sometimes they are called mini-med plans.



Cinergy Insurance Review

I got my Cinergy health insurance in 2008 when I found out I found out I need a knee replacement. My wife and I are self-employed and we made the mistake of not having medical coverage. When we found Cinergy, we were super happy because they said they’d cover 80 percent of the knee replacement. It even said in the plan benefits that 80% of the surgery would be covered according to the national knee surgery rate.

Then I get my surgery and I end up paying around $16,000. They paid like $2200 dollars toward the surgery. I had a follow up doctor’s visit after it and they paid almost nothing at all. Stay away from this company. It’s a waste of money.


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