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Coventry Health Care Reviews

Coventry Healthcare Reviews

Coventry Health Care is up and coming in the medical insurance industry. While traditionally known mostly in eastern United States, the individual and family plans have slowly moved westward. Currently, Coventry services a members ship of close to five million members. A.M. Best Co. has rated the ICR (issuer credit rating) as “bbb-”. However, some individual states do hold an higher rating, such as Coventry Health Care of Illinois.

Besides the individual market, Coventry also offers group, Medicare and some dental products. Over the years here is a listing of some of the popular insurance companies that Coventry Health Care has acquired:

  • First Health Group Corp
  • OmniCare Detroit, MI
  • Altius Health Plan, UT
  • HealthPartners, MO
  • Kaiser Permanente membership base in Kansas City, MO
  • WellPath Community Health Plans Chapel Hill, NC
  • Kaiser Charlotte, NC
  • Carelink Charleston, WV
  • HealthCare USA Jacksonville, FL
  • HealthAmerica, PA

In some parts of the country Coventry also provides solutions for Medicaid, Worker’s Compensation, Behavioral Health, and Dental. Coventry Health Care is a publicly traded stock and trades under the NYSE as CVH.

Review of Coventry Health Insurance

review by C. Duke - posted 02/02/2014

I signed up for a Coventry Health Insurance plan through the website. My experience with Coventry has been terrible. I signed up on 12/12/13. After several calls, I finally received my id card on 1/24/14. The only information they could give me before that was a case number, which did my poviders no good since it could not be used for billing. I was also told in a phone call on 1/3/14 that I would receive the id card and a "Welcome Packet". After getting the card on 1/24, I got a letter on 1/29 and privacy notice. I called and basically was told everything is on line and there is no such thing as a "Welcome Packet".

2. The benefits I got in the "Summary of Benefits" from Coventry did not match the benefits of the plan I selected per the gvt. website. Numerous calls to both Coventry and the gvt. website reps have never resolved this problem.

3. Many of the benefits are not clearly explained before signing up for the plan. In the plan information before signing up, there is no information about which providers are in Tier 1 and Tier 2 and I could never determine if my Primary Care Physician was Tier 1 provider. A call to Coventry was no help-they did not know! My doctor didn't know either! The pharmacy benefits are not clearly explained - even though a pharmacy may be listed as participating, they may not be "Preferred", so the co-pay may be higher than the plan says.

4. I have spent over 40 hours on phone calls with Coventry. I have spoken to reps who were poorly trained and provided incorrect information. To add insult to injury, when I first enrolled I got a letter from Coventry with a number o call for questions-after 4 tires, I called a number I found on line and was told the number in the letter was no good.

5. All in all, I am very unhappy with the service provided by Coventry. I would not recommend any plan from this company to anyone.


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