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Family Health Insurance Anthem Ohio

Family Health insurance review Anthem Ohio

My health insurance company is Anthem. I get it through the my pension plan, where I live in the state of Ohio. My husband worked at the car plant. He passed away several years ago and I am his widow. I am the only one on the plan.

The premium payments are on average $170. They are taken directly out of my monthly pension allowance. This is handy. The amount is a bit high. However, the insurance is greatly needed. It covers both health and prescription costs. The insurance pays more if I visit their preferred providers, also known as PPOs. This is a wide range of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. Luckily, all of the doctors I have wanted to visit have been covered under this plan. Currently, all of the hospitals are now under this plan since the merger of our local hospital with a bigger chain of hospitals had taken place.

Under this PPO plan, I can visit any of the doctors I want and save money. I currently give the doctor an upfront fee of twenty dollars and then wait until the insurance makes their payment, to pay the rest of what I owe. This makes things really convenient for me.

This plan does not cover any dental costs. Some visions costs are also not covered. For instance, the costs of contact lenses or glasses are not covered. However, the cost of visiting the eye doctor for an eye problem is covered. Some eye surgeries or eye treatments are also covered. If one visits an eye doctor who is and Anthem PPO doctor, more of the costs will be covered.

If I wanted to take out an additional policy that would pay for dental costs and the cots for eye glasses, I could. However, I considered the costs and decided it was not a worthy investment.

What don’t I like about this plan? I can’t say I really dislike anything. However, I would love to see the monthly premium go down some. I also wish they would provide a bit more coverage for basic office charges. They do provide great coverage when one has to go to the hospital or when one has to visit a specialty doctor. However, this plan doesn’t cover the basic, routine health issues, as well as they do the major things. As the year goes by, it is usually the basic, routine issues that add up and cost me more.

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