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Golden Rule Family Insurance Review

I was born and raised in South Carolina and I lost my job of 15 years and had a struggle to obtain health insurance due to the high cost for my age and health as I am 58 years old. My husband had health insurance coverage for him, me, and our children. The insurance was through BCBS of SC, but those fools would not offer individual coverage to us. I remember when I found out I was a decline as was my husband, I was furious with BCBS of South Carolina. After years of giving them money this is how they repaid us.

Anyway, my children are in their 20’s, my husband and I wanted to make sure to cover them. One of my daughters found out about Golden Rule Insurance Company and she got coverage for $88 with copays. Then my other daughter applied and got similar coverage with the Golden Rule. She also got dental and some plan for vision.

After they had a good experience, I got in touch with an agent and she, signed me and my husband up and I thought we were wasting our time. To my surprise we were both offered coverage. Granted the plan is basic and still almost $500 a month but the Golden Rule Insurance Company will take care of us if we get in to a medical situation. When my parents were in the hospital they racked up over $50 K each with minimal success. I don’t want to go out that way with no money left for the kids and some hospital CEO taking our house from us. So our plan, the Saver 80 is 80/20 plan with a $5K deductible with no co-pays, but our physicals are covered every year. I worked in a hospital and I learned that if you don’t have insurance coverage then you can end up being broke and having nothing. These hospital costs are in excess of 5000 dollars a day for most people and sometimes $10-$15K for one day. This is unacceptable and needs some sort of attention.

Another thing about insurance that I find disturbing is that people in the United States, like my husband and I who went on hard times, could not get Medicaid assistance yet people from other countries can come into the United States as immigrants and can walk right into a hospital and get treated. What is wrong with this picture? I tried to apply for Medicaid assistance and told I did not qualify because of the amount of money I made a year ago, before I got laid off from my job of 15 years. How is this right? The United States needs to look into insurance coverage for people that have paid into the system for years and lost their jobs due to the poor economy.

I’m just thankful for the Golden Rule Insurance, even though it’s a very basic policy. I know we’re all covered.

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