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How my BCBS Virginia health insurance policy works

My health insurance covers us under Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Virginia and I am a dependent under my father’s policy. His company carries this policy as a group policy but my father has to pay for the insurance part on my siblings and myself. I believe they are in a 50/50 situation. This is a family insurance policy that he is carrying for us. The insurance policy is a PPO policy with a deductible that I pay each time I visit the doctor or hospital. My prescriptions are covered but I do have a copay portion that I have to pay for each prescription I receive. My prescription copay pays all but ten dollars on my medication if I purchase the generic version. For medications that there is not a generic available, I have to pay up to 45 dollars. The hospital deductible on our policy is 2000 dollars per year. After this, we have an 80/20 where we pay the 20% and the insurance pays the 80%.

Our insurance policy does cover dental visits. I used it for cleanings and filling some teeth. The yearly exams are included as are x-rays. Vision covers the eye exam and it will pay most of the glasses and lenses or contacts. I got glasses this year, therefore, I had to pay extra to get contacts as well.

Every time I have used the insurance, I have ended up having to contact the insurance company to see if it is covered. I am now pregnant and found out that my father’s insurance policy does not cover anything dealing with pregnancy. Evidently, there are different types of policies and the company took this one out because most of the people working there are too old to have more children. Another issue I have run into is the availability for my father to carry me on his insurance policy after a certain age. I am in college and pregnant and not yet married. When I have to stop school to deliver my child, his insurance will not pay for me. I will not have insurance. This is mainly because I will not be in school and I will be 21 next month. But Anthem did tell me, (god forbid) if I have complications during my delivery I am covered under the policy.

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