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I am currently on Humana and have been for approximately ten years. I live in Cadillac, Michigan, which is in the lower peninsula on the northern west side. I am a single mother of two grown children, who both are living on their own now. Since I am on disability and low income I get my states free health insurance, which is medicaid. I also get the federal health insurance, which is medicare, because I am on disability. I am the only one who is covered on my health insurance.
There are good things about being on disability. When I go to my family physician whatever the visit costs is paid for first by medicare then the rest is paid by medicaid. I never have a co-payment when I go to my family physician. I have asthma and allergies, so I also have a regular doctor I see for those two health problems of mine. When I see the asthma doctor I do not have a co-payment for those visits either. It is nice not to have a co-payment when I have an appointment with either of those doctors I see on a regular basis. Besides those two doctors I do not go to any other doctors at all unless it gets approved or recommended by one of them first. If it does get approved or recommended by one of them, then medicaid and medicare will cover the costs but only if that specialist doctor accepts it.
There are some downfalls to being on medicaid and medicare. Both of my insurances do not cover dental and vision. My states medicaid insurance used to pay for both dental and vision for everybody who was on it. To save money my states medicaid program will now only pay for dental and vision for people who are 21 years old or younger. The only time my medicaid will cover dental is if I have a tooth in very bad pain or if I have dentures. My medicare health insurance will not cover vision and either, except for dentures. It would be great if one or both of my health insurances would cover dental and vision.
Besides using my Humana health insurance when I get my prescriptions, I only will use them when I see either my family physician or my asthma physician. My medicare covers my prescriptions to where I only pay between $1.10 and $3.30 for each prescription.

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