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Humana One Health Insurance Reviews

Humana One Reviews

Humana One provides affordable health insurance coverage for individuals and families, self-employed entrepreneurs, students, recent college graduates, and early retirees, and anyone who may be uninsured. Humana One is a division of Humana Inc. which is one of the nation's largest publicly traded health benefits companies, with over 11 million medical members. Humana One offers flexible "build-your-own" health insurance plans that let consumers choose from many of the features usually found only in group health plans such as negotiated rates, wellness benefits, and special discounts.

Below are reviews and testimonials about Humana One health insurance plans. If you have any questions about Humana One as to the differences between policies or what policies are available in your state, you can call toll free 1-877-698-6645 to speak with a health insurance specialist who will be able to answer your questions about Humana One health insurance.

About Humana Health Insurance Reviews

When it comes to diverse product offering Humana is paving the way for insurance companies. In the last year Humana has intoduced a broad line of supplemental products to not only enhance the benefits selection on major medical policies and Medicare, but also to be sold on there own. This unique philosophy allows consumers to shop with one health insurance company and to avoid the headache of dealing with multiple companies, multiple premium payments, and multiple claim submissions.

Here is a listing of the newst products offered by HumanaOne:

    • PPO Dental Preventive Plus
    • HMO Dental C550 and HI125
    • Vision Insurance
    • Veteran's PPO Dental
    • Accident Benefit (rider for major medical only)
    • Critical Illness
    • Cash Cancer
    • Whole Life Memorial Fund
    • Estate Builder - child life insurance

Humana Insurance Company Review

Today Humana is composed of several companies including HumanaOne, Humana Vitality, HumanaOne Dental and Vision, HumanaOne Life and Supplemental, HumanaDental, HumanaVisionCare, RightSourceRx, Humana Pharmacy Solutions, Humana Military, Humana-Veterans, Humana Ventures, Humana Foundation, Concentra, LifeSynch, B-cycle, Humana Games for Health, Stay Smart Stay Healthy, Availity LLC, and Family Health Budget. The entire Humana name is publicly traded and trades under the stock ticker HUM.

HumanaOne individual and family health insurance is offered in many states, but is currently a best seller in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Humana Michigan Health Insurance Review

Individual Health Insurance Review


I am currently on Humana and have been for approximately ten years. I live in Cadillac, Michigan, which is in the lower peninsula on the northern west side. I am a single mother of two grown children, who both are living on their own now. Since I am on disability and low income I get my states free health insurance, which is medicaid. I also get the federal health insurance, which is medicare, because I am on disability. I am the only one who is covered on my health insurance.
Humana Health Insurance Policy Review

In this time of health care reform, it is really important that consumers understand the ins and outs of their health insurance policy. My current plan is with Humana One Insurance. It is a group plan that I have through my Illinois employer. Employees have a choice between a HMO and a PPO. I chose the PPO because of the flexibility of the plan. It is a PPO plan with a $2000 deductible. In my opinion, that is about the only negative of my plan- the high deductible. Our deductible was increased from $1000 two years ago after my employer experienced a high increase to the monthly premium. A high premium increase usually happens because of high claims dollars. The insurance company will pay out more in claims than they take in in premiums. Since both my husband and I are covered on this plan, we each have to meet the $2000 deductible. After the deductible is met, the plan pays 90% of covered charges up to $1500.00. After the $1500.00 is met, the plan will pay all covered charges at 100%. Once January 1 comes, we have to start all over again to meet the deductible.

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Humana One Review from Wisconsin

I have a Wisconsin individual PPO family health plan through Humana One. It's called the Portrait Share 80 and the family deductible is $5,000. With me on this plan are my two children ages 5 and 8 and our monthly premium is about $363. For a single mom this is a bit much for me on premium, but I am very happy with the coverage so I keep paying my premium. This plan is much like group insurance as in Humana covers us at 80% and we are responsible for the remaining 20% once our deductible has been met. We have unlimited doctor office visits co-pays for $35, and unlimited specialist visits for $50. This does not include services rendered during the visit. Which means any diagnosis or treatment we receive during that visit we have to pay for, out-of-pocket, at Humana's negotiated rate (if I go to a doctor in-network) until my deductible is met. The negotiated rate is good as things like x-rays for the kids and some random tests we had to do had a well adjusted rate.

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Humana One Copay 70% Plan Review

This is a great option for people willing to pay 30% co-insurance and save money on premium. For applicants who have had major medical insurance sometime during the last 63 days, the effective date can be as soon as you enroll. For applicants with NO health insurance for the last 63 days you will have two start dates:

1) Once approved your policy starts on the day you requested, as will the coverage for preventive care and accidental injuries.

2) In addition, if you have NO prior insurance for the last 63 days, your start date for sickness begins on the 15th day after the effective date is approved. This means if you are currently sick with a cold or flu or such illness, and you currently have had NO health insurance for the last 63 days, you must have the plan 15 days before you can go to the doctor.

The HumanaOne Copay 70% Plan has three deductibles to choose from: $1500, $2500, and $5000. Each of these plans include 3 office visits per a person per a year. Office visits are only $35 copay for a primary doctor and $60 copay for a specialist or for use of an urgent care visit. Women will be happy to know that Preventive coverage for pap smear and mammogram are NOT subject to deductible or coinsurance.

In the event you need an emergency room visit, the access fee is only $125 per a visit. However, if you are admitted you will not have to pay the $125 fee.

Humana One Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How large is Humana’s Network coverage?

A: Humana insures over 11 million Americans and has a large network of 450,000 doctors to assist its members. Humana has in-network doctors in all 50 states.

Q: I am moving from one state to another can I take my Humana policy with me?

A: In many instances you can keep you current Humana policy. For example if someone in Alabama buys a HumanaOne policy and then moves to Florida, the plan types are the same and you can take your coverage with you.

Alabama Humana One Health Insurance Review

In today's economy you hear a lot of pros and cons of health insurance coverage. Some of the more common issues discussed range from the expense of coverage to frustration over what health insurance won't cover. We have all been there and realize one of the most important benefits to have in today's world is health insurance coverage. The confusion comes in choosing what company, what type of coverage and what sort of plan you need to have to better serve your needs. I'm hoping that by sharing my experiences with you that you will be able to make a more informed decision in your choice.

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