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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Review from Ohio

I am currently on disability for a very painful and rare disease called Dercum's or Adiposis Dolorosa. I live in Ohio and my medical coverage is through the federal government, Medicare, and my supplemental insurance is through Mutual of Omaha. It is Plan N which is new. My husband works and he has a separate insurance coverage. My coverage with Mutual of Omaha is a PPO and my co-pays are only $20.00 for my PCP and $50.00 for emergency room visits. My husband pays much more which is strange since he is a working, tax-paying citizen. He was recently diagnosed with a very painful rare disease as well. We both deal with more specialists than we do a general practitioner so he pays $40.00 every time he visits his doctors which is about 4 times per month. I see my specialists about twice a month unless I have a surgery scheduled.

I'm also fortunate that my supplemental insurance, Mutual of Omaha, does not carry a high premium, only $88 a month. Then I only pay $96.00 a month for my Medicare, which covers the hospital bed I'm using and other health care equipment needs. My favorite benefit Plan N is that when I use the emergency room I only pay out $50.00. I just love that benefit. One thing I've learned on how to get around the co-pay is to phone in symptoms to my doctor in between visits to avoid having to see her and pay out the co-pay plus the amount not covered in the visits. Also if I've had tests or procedures done in the past I keep a copy of those procedures and results so I can show my other doctors. Why pay for and repeat a test if you already have results?

I do not have vision on my insurance but I found that if I go to a place like Walmart's Vision Center and get the prescription at a lesser fee then I can take it to a place like Eye-mart Express that offers glasses at a reduced priced. I am also fortunate to have dental on my plan whereby my spouse has neither dental or vision. I am one of the fortunate and grateful Americans that has a pretty good coverage which is very important for someone with this chronic disease.

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