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My Health Insurance Review of Kaiser Permanente

I have the best comprehensive health insurance plan in San Diego. When I first started my employment with San Diego School District, I elected to have Kaiser Permanente of Southern California as my health insurance plan. Kaiser Permanente is a HMO. I receive all my health care from Kaiser Permanente. The HMO offer services for all members such as preventive care, emergency, hospital and urgent care, specialist care, outpatient surgeries, and prescription drugs.

I had a co-pay of $5.00 and then this year it went up to $10.00. I pay this co-pay when I see the doctor or when I get a prescription filled. I have no co-pay for the lab work and the X-rays. There are eight regional medical offices throughout San Diego County. Any employee working for San Diego School District can choose to have Kaiser as their health care provider. The district offers two other PPO health insurance plans to all of its employees. if they do not want the HMO.

When I feel ill, I call the appointment call center and request an appointment to see my personal physician. The best time to call for an appointment is right at 7:00 A.M. The scheduler who answers checks my doctor's schedule. If my doctor is booked or out of the office, the scheduler looks at other doctors schedules who are in the same office. It does mean I will be going to another medical facility or I would go after hours to urgent care. I like that the hospital pharmacy is open twenty-four hours a day for that emergency refill of a prescription. Upon arrival, I show my health insurance card and my driver’s license. Then, I go to the section of the office where my doctor works. This procedure is the same at all medical offices. I feel safe whenever I visit a Kaiser medical office or the main hospital.

The Kaiser website for members’ offers services such as a list of member’s prescriptions, online ordering for prescriptions, past visits, future appointments, lab results and emailing all the doctors the member has seen. There is an encyclopedia of medications, descriptions of different ailments or physical conditions and explanations of physical exercises. There is one thing I would like to change about my health insurance plan and that would be to go back to the $5.00 co-pay.

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