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My Personal Health Insurance Review - BCBS

My personal Health insurance review starts with the statement that I do not presently have health insurance because I have not found one that I can afford on my income. But I did at one time have health insurance when I worked for 14 years with a company. I have a feeling this story is not uncommon as so many people used to have great coverage through work.

The health insurance that I had was a company policy. The company paid a portion and the workers paid a portion. I felt like the policy was very expensive and it took a great deal of my salary just to pay the premium each month. The policy was with BCBS of Indiana and it was a group plan. The policy was a PPO and the cost per month was almost 300 dollars just for me. I never understood how the women that had family plans ever made their money work for them because it took most of their check to pay for the premium. Their family premiums were almost 600 dollars a month for a family plan. This surely did not leave money for anything else.

The policy did have co-pays and these were 10 dollars for generic medications up to 45 for premium medications. Physician’s visits were 30 dollars and a specialist was 60 dollars. The plan paid most of the blood work and testing I had done on routine physician’s visits. There was copay for hospital stays but I luckily did not need to use it while I had it. The deductible for emergency room visits was 75 dollars. The policy did not cover any dental but it did cover some on vision. It cuts the cost a little for eye exams but the glasses we had to pay for out of pocket.

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I had routinely used my health insurance for physician’s visits and the policy did pay all but the 30-dollar copay. The health insurance I found was mostly paying for my prescriptions each month. I could have saved money if I had purchased an emergency plan and put away the rest of the premiums I paid, into a Health Savings Account. I sure could have saved enough to pay for my hospital stay deductible. The only trick that I found in dealing with the insurance company was to just pay my co-pays and let the insurance company deal with the rest. Insurance is expensive but I can see where it is needed, especially when there is someone with lots of health issues.

Now I don’t have insurance as I have blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and I smoke. I do have my daughter insured on Anthem SmartSense 2500 as it is a good policy for a young girl starting out. I only pay like $80 a month and I make her pay for her own Copay’s. At least I know she’ll get treated properly if she ends up hospitalized.

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