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Review of TRICARE Health Insurance

Today I called TRICARE to inquire as to why they still have an additional Health Insurance list as my primary health insurance. I was instructed to prepare a form and send it in to the Tricare office via FAX or USPS. I ask if I could scan the document in and send it via email. I was told that I had to send it in UCPS or FAX because of security reasons. I ask the lady “you are a government service provider and email is not secure”? She replied “Yes Sir”.

We have some serious issues here that need to be addressed by the DOD Inspector General and even congress.

First off let me start by admitting that I am not computer literate but I can find my way around pretty good. After locating the site I attempted to fill in the form with the intent of downloading the completed form to go find a FAX machine. The form could be filled. I had to print the form (there again what a nightmare) to hand write it. Here I thought we were out of the dark ages. It was rather difficult downloading the unfilled form. After messing around for 45 minutes just trying to download I figured out that I had to go in and change my printer because I guess a default printer was sent by Tricare.

I have a few questions:
Are we to be worried about our sensitive information at Tricare?
Why can’t the form be fill able?
Why is it so hard to download?
Why can’t the completed form be sent in via email?

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