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TRICARE is the health care program of the United States Department of Defense Military Health System. TRICARE provides civilian health benefits for military personnel, military retirees, and their dependents, including some members of the Reserves. TRICARE is the civilian care component of the Military Health System, although historically it also included health care delivered in the military medical treatment facilities.

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Review of TRICARE Health Insurance

Today I called TRICARE to inquire as to why they still have an additional Health Insurance list as my primary health insurance. I was instructed to prepare a form and send it in to the Tricare office via FAX or USPS. I ask if I could scan the document in and send it via email. I was told that I had to send it in UCPS or FAX because of security reasons. I ask the lady “you are a government service provider and email is not secure”? She replied “Yes Sir”.

We have some serious issues here that need to be addressed by the DOD Inspector General and even congress.

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Tri-Care Health Insurance Review

My mother passed away recently, and I decided to review how her health insurance paid and handled when she was in the hospital through all of her checkups. My mother had cancer. My father had been in the military so she was a dependent of his with Tri-Care for life. Originally, it was known as Champus. In addition to Tri-Care, she also had Medicare because she was 76 years old.

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TRICARE Health Insurance Review

My family is currently on a TRICARE health insurance plan. It is offered to us for free since my husband is active duty Army. It is available to any active duty military man or women for their family. All four of my children, husband and unborn child are covered under my husband's insurance through the Military. We are covered under the military insurance known as TRICARE Prime. We currently reside in Texas but our insurance goes with us where ever we go. TRICARE Prime is an HMO. There are times we do have to get referrals to see specialists or for special appointments. TRICARE Prime does not have any co-pays or premiums. I use it frequently when I go for my appointments as well as our children. We don't have an actual card since we attend the clinics on the military installation. There really are not tricks that you can use with this insurance company. They tend to be pretty strict about what you can or can't use it for. They will pay for pretty much any medical procedure, or appointment as long as it is pre-approved and medically necessary.

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