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Tonik California

Anthem Blue Cross of California offers Tonik Health Insurance!

Health insurance is a hot topic in the United States and Anthem Blue Cross of California is a frontrunner in the health insurance industry. It is estimated that half of the uninsured population chooses not to have insurance. Surprisingly, the reason is not “It is too expensive,” but rather “I am not sick.”

Sadly, our recent college graduates make up a huge portion of this naive group who believe they are invincible and health insurance is not a necessity. In 2004 Anthem Blue Cross of CA down with the “young invincibles” and worked together in creating a plan that meets this demographics needs. The end result was Tonik Health Insurance. Some of the key Tonik benefits are:

  • Policies that are easy to understand

  • All plans include major Medical, Dental, and Vision.

  • Flexible PPO (chose your own doctor) with no co-insurance after deductible.

  • Three simple deductibles to choose from $1500, $3000, and $5000

  • Co-pays for office visits and drug coverage.

  • Exams: Physicals, OBGYN, Mammograms, and Well Baby visits not subject to deductible.

With California Tonik plans starting as low as $79 a month, Anthem Tonik offers comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. From San Diego to San Francisco and everywhere in between, Tonik is available throughout the state of California.

California Overview:

Anthem Blue Cross of California offers three different Tonik plans:

1) the Thrill Seeker (Tonik 5000)

2) the Part-time Daredevil (Tonik 3000)

3) the Calculated Risk-taker (Tonik 1500)


Anthem Blue Cross of California is currently only offering the California Tonik Thrill Seeker $5,000 deductible at this time. Please check back for further updates.

There are also many other California health insurance plans to choose from, many with very similar characteristics to California Tonik.

What is the difference between the different Tonik plans in California?

All three California Tonik plans offer the same all-around coverage: preventive, emergency, prescriptions, eyes, and teeth. The only difference is the monthly premium, deductible, co-pay, and number of doctor's visits included. The chart below outlines each plan.

For any questions about Tonik health benefits, co-pay, or any other questions, please call toll free 1-877-698-6645 to speak with a licensed health professional who can answer any questions you may have about Tonik Health Insurance in California.

California Tonik Plans Comparison Chart:

Thrill Seeker Part-time Daredevil Calculated Risk-taker
deductible $5000 $3000 $1500
average monthly cost $78-$117 CURRENTLY N/A CURRENTLY N/A
doctor's visit $20 (4 visits/year) $30 (4 visits/year) $40 (unlimited visits)
generic drugs $10 $10 $10
ER visit $0 after deductible $0 after deductible $0 after deductible
inpatient hospital $0 after deductible $0 after deductible $0 after deductible
dental deductible* $25 $25 $25
cleaning & exams $0 $0 $0
fillings 20% 20% 20%
vision benefit** $150 $150 $150

*All California Tonik plans include the same Anthem Blue Cross PPO dental maintenance plan. Checkups, cleanings and your initial x-rays are free. If you need a filling you only pay the $25 dental deductible and 20% of the procedure, and Tonik California pays the remaining 80%.

**Vision does not require a deductible or co-pay. Tonik California will reimburse you $50 for routine eye exams, regular glasses, or contact lenses no matter where you go for these services. Tonik California also covers up to $100 for your glasses or $80 for contacts every two years when you use the BlueView Vision Network. In addition, when you use the BlueView Vision network you only pay $25 for most eyeglass lenses.

Apply for Tonik California online or call toll free 1-877-698-6645 to speak with a licensed health agent about Tonik Health Insurance.

California Department of Insurance - Tonik Health Insurance California

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