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Tonik Health Insurance Review from California

I have been self-employed for almost 20 years and have always had to provide health insurance for myself and then for my wife and kids. I went a few years on group health coverage through Anthem Blue Cross, and I had many different types of individual / family medical plans over the years. I've had HSA's, HMO's, EPO's, PPO's and who knows how many other types of health insurance plans. I've paid $1000 a month for coverage and under a $100 a month when I just insured myself.

After my son started college at UCLA, he told me, "Dad, my roommate told me to check out Tonik Health Insurance." I had never heard of Tonik Health Insurance and I ended up reading the reviews online. I soon found out that Tonik was coverage offered by Anthem Blue Cross of California, which had always provided my family with quality plans. We check on the premiums and then we got my son on the $1500 deductible plan for only $144 a month. This plan included dental and vision and only has a $1500 deductible with none of that nasty coinsurance that these policies love tacking on. I then checked for my daughter who was finishing college at USC and she needed health insurance too. We got her on the same plan for around the same price. Now both my children have Tonik Health Insurance and they have been on the policy for almost three years.

While they have not used the coverage a ton, they have used it for physicals, dental cleanings, eye exams, and my son got an ultra sound of a small cyst in his arm. It ended up getting removed and we only paid the $1500 deductible. Tonik saved us $5500. I strongly suggest Tonik Health Insurance for your family.

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