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Tonik Health Insurance Review from Georgia

If you're looking for a great health insurance, then look no further. Tonik Health Insurance has great benefits and is definitely worth looking into. I have two sons who are now too old to be on my health insurance so I decided to look for an alternative for them since they are still in college. Even though they don't get sick often, it's always better to be covered just in case and wanted to find something quickly. I looked at several different insurances but couldn't decide on one and then someone told me about Tonik Health Insurance. I found out it is offered by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield which is a highly recommended insurance and so I decided to go to the Tonik Health Insurance website to get more information. Guess what? I found what I was looking for and within a matter of minutes I had enrolled my sons.

The Tonik Health Insurance covers medical, dental, vision, and a prescription drug plan so it's a well rounded insurance. There are three different plans to choose from and I was able to choose the one that best fit my needs. Also the prescription drug plan covers generic drugs, which works great for me since I always ask for the generic equivalent to save money. Another exciting element is the Blue Card program, which covers you anywhere in the United States. So whatever you are looking for, there is something for everyone and Tonik Health Insurance is one of best plans I've seen.

Tonik Health Insurance delivers wonderful customer service and go above and beyond what is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. Any time I have a question, they always answer it thoroughly. There are no minimum contracts, so you can use Tonik Health Insurance anywhere from a few months to several years. My kids were even able to choose their own doctor, which was a relief to them because they wanted to make sure they would get quality care and would be comfortable with the doctor. Anyone under 65 is eligible to apply and it only takes 15 minutes to apply online and most approvals are immediate so there is no extensive waiting time before you can start using the insurance. I have highly recommended it to all my friends and family and anyone else that would listen.

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