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Tri-Care Health Insurance Review

My mother passed away recently, and I decided to review how her health insurance paid and handled when she was in the hospital through all of her checkups. My mother had cancer. My father had been in the military so she was a dependent of his with Tri-Care for life. Originally, it was known as Champus. In addition to Tri-Care, she also had Medicare because she was 76 years old.

My mother, diagnosed 15 years ago with bladder cancer and female cancer. She admitted into the hospital at Pitt Memorial in Greenville North Carolina. Because of the difficulties during and after surgery to remove the cancer and her female organs, my mom ended up with what was called, a homemade bladder. She had to undergo lots of Chemo and radiation while in the hospital and after she released from the hospital, we had to make frequent trips to the hospital for more chemotherapy treatments, many physician visits, and back in the hospital when she got infected.

Her insurance of Medicare and Tricare paid great. My mother, with all of the hospital bills, chemotherapy treatments, Oncology visits, Radiation, blood work, and so on only ended up paying about 5000 dollars of the hospital bill. This was tremendous because my father had been in the military for over 40 years and she deserved to have the insurance that he was unable to use. We all owed something to him for protecting our country. Well he passed away right before my mother went through all her medical treatments so she was really on her own with it.

My mother did have co-pays but they were usually around 20 dollars to 100 dollars. It all depended on what she had done. All the time between her diagnosis and her death, she used much equipment, probably $80,000 worth of supplies that Medicare and Tricare covered. She paid her parts on the Medicare but these premiums came out of the checks so I am not sure what she paid for them, but it wasn’t much. Medicare and Tricare covered her medications so she only had 50 dollars or under to pay each month for her medications. Let me tell you she was on a lot of medications and supplies. Her physician visits did not cost her much and she was seeing three specialists every other week for years. People who have Tri-Care are really lucky and should be thankful for it. I truly believe my dad would have been happy to know that the country he fought for took care of his wife after he had passed away.

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