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United Health One Review from Colorado

My wife and I look at 5 or 6 different options for Colorado medical insurance. We finally choose United Health One PPO for a number of reasons. One thing to note is that this plan is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. We have been using UHC for over a year and the coverage has been great. There have been very few problems, and we have not been turned down for any procedure or medication with only one exception. This was very odd but its how insurance works. We are unable to get Nexium under our plan; however there are many suitable alternatives, even a few generics that are covered so this was not a big issue.

Upon review of all the plans available to us we decided this provided the best coverage for the money, and the co pays are almost identical with all the plans. We basically pay $35 for regular office visits, same for specialists and $100 for ER visits. The United Healthcare insurance that we have comes with a $1500 deductible and covers most prescription costs. We pay $15 for generics and $35 or a percentage of the cost for any name brands. At this time we have not paid any more than $50 for a prescription. They work with most doctors in the Colorado Springs area, and include St. Francis Hospital, and offer decent out of network coverage if needed. In comparison with the other plans offered they were an easy choice for us.

The cost of United Health One coverage is reasonably priced especially since we get some money through my employer at a cost of about $250 a month for my wife and me, it's a great plan. Many months we are able to save that much money with the prescription benefits alone! We also see a number of specialists for unidentified pain issues so we have had multiple MRI’s done along with other testing, and specialist visits, yet we have not been turned down for anything. We also use the preventive benefit which provides us with great coverage at a co pay of $35.

Overall we are very happy with the coverage we are getting through United and hope to continue with this plan next year. Knowing the costs like deductibles, co pays, and medication benefits is really helpful when planning monthly budgets and each time I call them with a question they are quick to answer and very friendly on the phone. We can also access our plan details on the internet along with other options such as mental health benefits and more. This is a great insurance company to work with if you have a choice I would recommend looking into them. I do not know if they provide dental or vision insurance, as our family goes through someone else for those.

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