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United Health One Review from Michigan

If all I did was listen to the news, I would have to assume our family is the only family in America with good, comprehensive healthcare! I do concede that we are fortunate, but I also believe Americans need to look at what coverage they DO have and be savvy consumers. Our family lives in Michigan and has coverage that my husband bought from Golden Rule, who is known as United Health One and we have a plan called the United Health One HSA 100.

We have happily found that nearly every doctor, lab, hospital and imaging center in Grand Rapids accepts this coverage. We use St. Mary's and Spectrum Health Hospitals. There are provider concessions in the form of discounted costs so it really pays to be sure your doctor is a member of their approved provider list. The providers get paid sooner since they have already agreed to the company's pay schedules and our family stays in good financial standing with our doctors because they are getting paid reliably.

Another huge benefit we have opted to participate in is a "Health Savings Account". With deductibles going up every year, we are able to insure our ability to pay our portion without having to come up with cash on the spot. It works very simply - our annual deductible for our family of four is $300.00. We have a regular monthly amount taken out of my checking account. This money gets written off the top of our TAXES! We are able to access that entire amount of money we put in whenever we want. It is always our money and rolls over every year. Kind of like a 401K for our medical costs. This works well for us because it reduces our taxable income and gives us peace of mind if any healthcare is needed. We simply visit our doctor as needed, our doctor bills our insurance, the insurance pays the doctor directly and we receive a check that covers our portion of the bill. There is only a short period of time to wait for the payouts and we don't have any delinquent bills with our doctor.

Our HSA can be used for medical, dental and/or vision care. We can also use our HSA for prescription drugs. This is a big help for our family because we have some chronic illnesses we are dealing with. Here's a tip - since we have our HSA account as a stand alone checking account, it doesn’t matter if our joint checking account is low on funds. With a dedicated HSA account we always have money to pay for our medical and dental bills, we can always be sure our providers are paid right on time.

We are also fortunate to have dental and vision coverage through UnitedHealthOne also. We chose United Healthcare dental coverage and we had the additional choice of basic or enhanced coverage. Our choice of enhanced coverage allows all of us to have cleanings and x-rays twice a year at no charge and allows $1000.00 worth of coverage for each of our family members. Our vision coverage allows annual eye exams and new frames/ lenses every other year. We are grateful for good coverage and good resources to help us afford it.

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